Leveraging innovation: the human and financial benefits of digital care

By: Tom Morton, CEO, Communicare 24/7
Published: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 13:14 GMT

Outdated infrastructure and an increasingly fragmented market threaten the future of technology-enabled integrated care.

Growing elderly populations and stretched resources means that great hope is being placed in technology-enabled care to help citizens maintain independence and provide support for their carers.

The personal alarms and health monitoring devices that, for many, are a critical lifeline often rely on outdated technology - the telephone landline, for example. These are at risk when people forget to check equipment or…

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Data Governance in Health Matters

Information governance remains a key priority for the UK healthcare sector against a background of reforms in integrating health and care. It is generally accepted that sharing and analysing data will improve… Read More

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General Practice is on ‘life-support”. The 5YFV offers a pathway to recovery

Ben Gowland former CEO of Nene CCG and now a director of Ockham Healthcare chairs the panel of three and an expert studio audience and asks the question “Can general practice survive and if it does what will it look like?"


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Outdated infrastructure and an increasingly fragmented market threaten the future of technology-enabled integrated care.

3D printing is revolutionising the possibilities of manufacturing. How could we apply such a practice to healthcare…

New developments in healthcare wearables and apps are helping businesses and medical professionals alike to better…

We must take note of global developments when planning for the future of healthcare in the digital age. Analytics…

Mobile technology has made hospital doctors more efficient and improved patient care. However, an iPad, carried…

With the publication of new research, can analysis of health determinants in each local authority, and collaborative…

How can the effective use of wearable technology and similar innovations lessen the burden of healthcare worldwide?

Newly licensed innovative medicines mean that GPs will need to keep up to date with pharmaceutical innovation…

As the proverb goes – ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’. According to new research…

The cost of the variation in healthcare provision in financial and human terms is becoming increasingly well-known,…

There is a clear and identifiable need for tools that reduce the burden of living with diabetes and support effective decision-making.

Fast, efficient Wi-Fi is not just a nice to have, but absolutely critical in hospital environments.