Information Daily Group Content Marketing

IDG content-marketing packages are designed to help organisations engage with their own stakeholders through all channels and engage with our audiences through IDG online titles and platforms.

Our Channels

  • The Information Daily
  • InformationDaily.TV
  • Information Daily Podcasts
  • Healthcare Innovation Daily (a daily supplement)
  • Advanced Engineering Online (a daily supplement focused on high end manufacturing)
  • Local Government Monitor (a daily supplement)
  • DataDaily (a daily supplement in association with Making a Difference with Data)
  • Think Local (a daily supplement focused on regional devolution and related matters)

Our Services

  • We advise on content-marketing policy and practice
  • We design, build, manage and supply online channels and titles
  • We generate and supply all sorts of content for online channels and titles
  • We design, deliver and manage websites, micro-sites and mobile sites that initiate, build and sustain local and global online communities
  • We produce and commission news, comment, white papers, briefings and opinion pieces for dissemination through our platforms, our clients platforms (news feeds and features), through third party channels and through social media.
  • We support our client’s content with our own content and by commissioning independent, authoritative, endorsing, content from named writers.
  • We produce and commission web video, WebTV programmes and podcasts for delivery through our platforms, on our clients platforms and through third party channels
  • We design and publish online advertising, polling, stakeholder engagement tools, games and tests

Our branded engagement tools include:

  • Council News Monitor
  • RealityBites – The National HealthCare Conversation (a weekly podcast)
  • InformationDaily.TV AnswerTime® (a WebTV programme)
  • Information Daily Face to Face® (a WebTV programme sponsored by Boilerhouse Media limited)
  • Information Daily Executive Briefing® (launches spring 2015)

Our audiences and our database: Our database, built and maintained in-house, includes 20,000+ public sector senior decision makers of which 10,000+ are in the health sector, 3000+ are local government officers, 6000+ are local government elected members. Among these nearly 3000 are involved in open data/big data/making a difference with data. Our database also includes more than10,000 private sector senior decision makers of which 2000+ are in advanced engineering and high-end manufacturing.

Our database is not for sale or rent. The only way to engage with our audiences is through our channels via a bespoke content marketing package developed by our in-house team. Please email or call Joe Tibbetts [ 07912 517 122] to discuss options.

Past and current clients include: BP + British Council + British Presidency of the European Union + Capita + Centre for Policy Studies + Cisco + City of Birmingham + Department of Communities and Local Government + Elmhurst Royal Ballet School + Health Education England + HIMSS UK + Hook Norton Brewery + Kable + Mouchel + NACRO + NASA + NHS + Osaka Gas + SCC + Socitm + Specialised Services Commissioning (NHS) + Wates Construction + West Midlands AHSN + World Monuments Fund


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