Spending Review: momentous investment lacking digital direction

By: James Norman, UK Public Sector CIO, EMC
Published: Thursday, January 7, 2016 - 09:00 GMT

While the Autumn Statement promised digital transformation, a lack of focus going forward could prove problematic.

In the Spending Review, George Osborne set out plans for over £4,000 billion of public spending over the next five years to ensure that the UK continues to grow as a nation, and lead as a stronger country.

A range of areas including tax credits, police budgets, the NHS, transport, housing, and childcare will all receive more money. Data and statistical measures show…

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Data Governance in Health Matters

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While the Autumn Statement promised digital transformation, a lack of focus going forward could prove problematic.

Making services available online is one thing, but getting citizens to actually use them is another.

Earlier this year, George Osborne set his sights on addressing the long-standing challenge of productivity. Improving…

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