Reality Bites 14

Personalised Health and Care 2020. Being right is no guarantee of success

By: Ben Gowland CEO NHS Nene Clinical Commissioning Group @ccginsider and Joe Tibbetts publisher
Published: Monday, December 8, 2014 - 18:18 GMT Jump to Comments

Tim Kelsey's National Information Board (NIB) knows exactly what must happen to change health and care delivery and in so doing save the NHS. Personalised Health and Care 2020 is a 60 page list of commandments. Hubris or justifiable confidence?

The National Information Board (NIB) arrived in February 2014 - the product of a forced union between the Health and Social Care Information Centre and the Informatics Services Commissioning Group. The board is chaired by NHS England’s director of patients and information Tim Kelsey.

In mid November, following fast upon the heels of NHS England's Five Year Forward View, NIB produced a 60 page report:

Personalised Health and Care 2020
Using Data and Technology to Transform Outcomes for Patients and Citizens
a framework for action

The tone of the report is "confident". It does not recommend any course of action but rather it takes the form of a list of things that will happen and tells us why, how and by when. Joe Tibbetts, publisher of Health and Care Innovation Daily (an Information Daily platform) read the whole thing with a highlighter pen to hand. In RealityBites 14 he shares his close reading of the NIB report with Ben Gowland, his regular sparring partner, and in ten minutes of information packed conversation they agree to differ roughly ten times.

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This week our guest contributor is Joel Ratnasothy, Medical Director (Europe, Middle East and Africa) for the global health IT company Caradigm. Joel's interlocutor is Joe Tibbetts the publisher of HealthCare Innovation Daily (HCi Daily) - an Information Daily online title - in his familiar role of "the voice of a puzzled public".



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